Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Way too Long!!

Apparently, I am a woman of empty words because way back in May I promised to keep you all updated more with this blog and I never looked back. I have a few good excuses but I will get to those in a bit. So what has happened since May?

  • Liana finished Kindergarten. Got really sick the last week of school and had to miss her graduation.

  • I found out I was pregnant on Father's day. Well actually, I found out the day before but waited to tell James till Father's day. I am due Feb. 15.

  • The rest of the summer was a complete blur as I had horrible morning sickness so there is not much to say about that.

  • Lake Topaz. Video to follow soon hopefully. I finally started feeling better by the time we went up. We sent Liana up a week early with my parents. She had a pretty boring summer as I did not have the energy for anything.

  • Liana started 1st grade. She did not have the best experience last year, but got an amazing teacher this year and is loving school.

  • James got laid off from Maranatha and promptly hired by the Kieth Corporation which took over maintenance at Maranatha so he still works there, but not for them. He loves this as it has really defined his job description much better.

  • I also started watching my niece and nephew (Vienna and Benjamin) as Molly went back to work and since that was too easy I decided to add my friends 3 month old into the mix two days a week. ( No, I do not know what I was thinking)

  • Oh and because life is to slow, I took on Learning Program again this year at Club 21. The center that works with kids with Downs Syndrome and even added a class. This is just once a month and I love it.

  • I almost forgot, I am PTA treasurer at Liana's school this year which includes lots of meetings.

All of that to say, it has not been dull around the Domingo house. God has been doing great things in this family of mine. We are so thrilled to be adding a new addition to the family. Both James and Liana have their requests for Boys in. And no, we wont find out till it comes out. God's amazing timing is such a reminder that he sees the big picture and I need to trust in that. I have so loved being a part of the Women's Bible Study at church. God has really been challenging me to give him my all. I never realized how much I hold onto. He is an amazing God and I want to give him free reign in my life. I know that is easier said then done.

The Family is great. I am in constant awe of how our sweet Liana's mind works. She is such a smarty pants, especially in Math. She started Girl Scouts which is so fun. She is a Daisy. A lot of the kids are from her school which is great for me to get to connect with mom's that I don't normally see. She loves memorizing verses for Church and is actually really good at it. She loves playing school, riding bikes, and being the best big sister a mom could ask for. She is just plain awesome.

Then we have Abigail. Her name means " My father's joy" and she is truly that. A little stinker who gets into all sorts of trouble, but can't keep smiles off our faces when she is around. She adores her sister and loves singing. Her talking is finally taking off which is so helpful to us. She unfortunately has figured out how to open her bedroom door which makes naps a little trickier. She is a totally monkey and get onto and into just about anything. It is the "jungle" from her dad's side. I just love this little girl so much.

So that is a bit of what we have been up to. I am making no promises of when my next post will be. You will just have to wait and see.

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  1. Yay Joy!!! I don't even talk to Moll, because I'm awful at making time to talk to my friends, so this is the first I've heard/read about your pregnancy! So excited for you. And happy that you get to love on V and baby Benjamin! Love you. Blessings to your family :)