Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Way too Long!!

Apparently, I am a woman of empty words because way back in May I promised to keep you all updated more with this blog and I never looked back. I have a few good excuses but I will get to those in a bit. So what has happened since May?

  • Liana finished Kindergarten. Got really sick the last week of school and had to miss her graduation.

  • I found out I was pregnant on Father's day. Well actually, I found out the day before but waited to tell James till Father's day. I am due Feb. 15.

  • The rest of the summer was a complete blur as I had horrible morning sickness so there is not much to say about that.

  • Lake Topaz. Video to follow soon hopefully. I finally started feeling better by the time we went up. We sent Liana up a week early with my parents. She had a pretty boring summer as I did not have the energy for anything.

  • Liana started 1st grade. She did not have the best experience last year, but got an amazing teacher this year and is loving school.

  • James got laid off from Maranatha and promptly hired by the Kieth Corporation which took over maintenance at Maranatha so he still works there, but not for them. He loves this as it has really defined his job description much better.

  • I also started watching my niece and nephew (Vienna and Benjamin) as Molly went back to work and since that was too easy I decided to add my friends 3 month old into the mix two days a week. ( No, I do not know what I was thinking)

  • Oh and because life is to slow, I took on Learning Program again this year at Club 21. The center that works with kids with Downs Syndrome and even added a class. This is just once a month and I love it.

  • I almost forgot, I am PTA treasurer at Liana's school this year which includes lots of meetings.

All of that to say, it has not been dull around the Domingo house. God has been doing great things in this family of mine. We are so thrilled to be adding a new addition to the family. Both James and Liana have their requests for Boys in. And no, we wont find out till it comes out. God's amazing timing is such a reminder that he sees the big picture and I need to trust in that. I have so loved being a part of the Women's Bible Study at church. God has really been challenging me to give him my all. I never realized how much I hold onto. He is an amazing God and I want to give him free reign in my life. I know that is easier said then done.

The Family is great. I am in constant awe of how our sweet Liana's mind works. She is such a smarty pants, especially in Math. She started Girl Scouts which is so fun. She is a Daisy. A lot of the kids are from her school which is great for me to get to connect with mom's that I don't normally see. She loves memorizing verses for Church and is actually really good at it. She loves playing school, riding bikes, and being the best big sister a mom could ask for. She is just plain awesome.

Then we have Abigail. Her name means " My father's joy" and she is truly that. A little stinker who gets into all sorts of trouble, but can't keep smiles off our faces when she is around. She adores her sister and loves singing. Her talking is finally taking off which is so helpful to us. She unfortunately has figured out how to open her bedroom door which makes naps a little trickier. She is a totally monkey and get onto and into just about anything. It is the "jungle" from her dad's side. I just love this little girl so much.

So that is a bit of what we have been up to. I am making no promises of when my next post will be. You will just have to wait and see.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


So I got a friendly little e-mail from one of my aunts asking if I have stopped blogging and wondering if she should take me off her blog list. I have to admit that I didn't not realize that my last entry was before New Years. That is unacceptable. It is so much easier to do the whole facebook thing, but that doesn't give much detail into what we hav really been up to. So here it is. This is a quick re-cap of the past few months.

It wouldn't be New Years without walking down to watch the Rose Parade. Got to see Paula Dean as the Grand Marshal. It was a great day with wonderful southern California weather.
We had great seats.

Even though she hates waking up early Liana can't wait to go down to see all the cool floats.

The next day the girls and I made a very scary trip to visit Rachel. It started snowing lightly as we got on the grapevine, but then it turned into quite a scary scene which ended with us making it safely to the bottom but both Liana and I in tears. I also had to use the bathroom so bad, but everything along the grapevine was closed. Let's just say I should do a commercial for Pampers because one of Abbie's diapers holds a full adult bladder. Thats all I am saying about that. We always have such a great time visiting the Puffers. We went to story time at the Library.

We also went on quite a hunt for park, but the girls had fun.

While still on Christmas break, our local library had the rose princesses come and read. Liana saw one of her good friends from preschool which was fun.

James and I took the girls on the Gold line down to olivera street where we enjoyed lunch and walking through all the fun stalls. We then went to this new park that opened by the Rose Bowl which is so much fun.

My Grandpa Webster came for a very quick visit.

Liana's class went on a field trip to kids space which was so much fun.

We also finally signed Liana up for ballet classes which she is loving. It is really fun to see her enjoy this so much. I just wish it was free.

In March, one of James' friends organized this Kids fishing derby which he took her to. They had so much fun even though the fish were not biting. She did catch one though.

And she got a cool certificate.

A couple weeks ago, we took the girls down to visit my grandpa and his wife Merilyn at Quaker Gardens. Liana had the best time and talked about it for days after wards. We promised to visit again soon.

This is Liana and I at a school reading night event.

In April, my church had their women's retreat. We attend Thousand Pines and always have a great time. Even though we were a small group this year, we had so much fun together. I am really learning how important it is to take time for myself. I have such a hard time saying no to things and have been finding myself getting burned out quite often. The Lord has really been speaking to me about taking time to refill myself so that I can give more to my family and friends. They deserve the best from me. Anyway, I had the best time, even with spending 4hours in the ER with one of our ladies who broke her ankle hiking. The speaker was so on point and spoke to me right where I needed to hear it. It was wonderful.

Liana and I had the most fabulous spring break together. Monday=breakfast and library, Tuesday=kidsspace with cousins, Wednesday=Disneyland, Thursday=Took the boat out on Puddingstone, Friday=Park. It was so much fun and I was sad to see it end.

I don't know how this got in here, but it is of Grandpa putting with Liana.

Then came Easter. Rachel and Jason came down so the whole family was together. It was so much fun. I grew up so close to all my cousins and it is really fun to see all the cousins enjoying eachother.

The webster grandkids. We are up to 10 now
So that is only a small picture of all that we have been up to. I am not promising anything, but I am hoping to be better on staying up to date on this.

Monday, January 10, 2011

An afternoon with Abigail

One of the many things that I love about our Abigail is how she keeps herself so entertained. She loves life and finds happiness in the simplest of things. Here are a few things that make me smile.

In this video, you get to see her lean on her head. You will find her in this position numerous times a day.

On to music time.

My parents got her this cute pull toy that she loves even though it tips over all the time.

There is no better sound then this girl laughing which she does all the time.

A wonderful December

So, December was so crazy busy that I have had lots of time to read blogs, but no energy to actually add to mine. I will bring you up to speed. We started December off with a fun Church Christmas dinner.

James and I enjoyed a great dinner kid-free.

The next week we moved on to our Life Group Christmas dinner.

Always lots of fun.

Which then led us to Abigail's first birthday. I can't believe how quickly this year went by. This little girl never fails to add a smile to my face. She is a constant source of joy to anyone she is around.

Liana loved reading her cards to her.

Let the baking begin.

Christmas Eve service.

We had about 23 people over for dinner.

AFter the guests left, the Webster family exchanged gifts.

Christmas morning was quiet and small and very nice. We enjoyed a great breakfast and presents.

Liana had been asking for this Jesse Doll since she had seen it at Walmart. It was $30, but I found it for $12 at Big Lots.

We then spent Christmas day playing every Wii game around. So fun.

The next day, we were off to the Lindley Family Christmas.

Need I say more. This kid is stinkin cute.

We had a great Christmas. It was so relaxing and stress free. Although I look forward to next year when all my siblings are around.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Liana made Student of the Month

Liana got Student of the Month for her class at Field Elementary. She was so excited. She got certificates for free kids meals at Islands and Maria's Italian Kitchen.

She recieved her award from the Principle during the Friday school assembly.

Staff Christmas Dinner

Even though I only work very part-time at the Preschool they let me come to the Christmas dinner. I got to sit next to Silvia who I worked the last 8 years with. It was a great time together.

Tim always loves showing off his great gifts.